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I got the call.

April 14, 2010

was out on errands with my mom and daughter yesterday when the call came through.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Bo? This is Lori from Dr. A’s office. I am calling to let you know we have a schedule for your liver surgery.” Lori has a sweet voice that she makes you comfortable right away, but I was still anxious knowing I was about to receive news on my impending surgery.

“Yes?” I hesitatingly replied.

“We have you scheduled next week, Tuesday, April 20 for your liver resection.  In preparation, you need to come in for a physical exam prior to the surgery.  I am trying to get this scheduled for you this Thursday, April 15, but could not confirm it yet.”

Oh…oh.  There it is.  It is chopped liver time.

I should have been ready for this call but when it came, it still sent chills down my spine. It is really going to happen, and that soon too.  They are going to open me up, remove part of my liver, and then I have to heal.  I know I wanted this done, I know my doctor is good, but I still could not help being anxious.

I also notice the change in my mom’s mood when she over heard me talking to Lori about the schedule.  She was hoping that I do not have to undergo the surgery, as if wanting all the distress to stop.  That’s the protective mother’s instinct.  She just kept silent and prayed.

No use backing out now. Thy will be done.

Lori was going to give me the details of my schedule as soon as she can but for my April 20 surgery date, she told me to be at the hospital by 6 am.

It will be another Tuesday event for me.  I am really a Tuesday person (see my previous  posts ‘Tuesdays people‘).  I received the call on a Tuesday and will have surgery next Tuesday, April 20.  When on treatments, I have my chemo Tuesday and recovery Tuesday (see related post ‘Recovery Tuesday is here‘.  I think it is just appropriate to end this with a song from the Rolling Stones ‘Ruby Tuesday’.

‘Yesterday don’t matter, if it is gone’ – Rolling Stones.


Let’s do it.


PS:  I think I will have a barbeque party this weekend and serve grilled liver or pate with red wine.

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