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Running in the rain.

Running in the rain.

September 13, 2010

Note: Play the music video below while reading.

ave you ever played in the rain? I have forgotten how good it felt to play in the rain, or and in my case, it was running in the rain. It brought my thought far enough to go sailing away…

“I’m sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea, ’cause I’ve got to be free, free to face the life that’s ahead of me.” – Styx

It started out as a drizzle when my wife and I started on our Saturday morning long run. The temperature was about 60F at around 6:00 am. The goal was to do 14 miles but she was having knee problems, so she decided to do a 10 miles instead, while I completed the 14 miles.

Since it was drizzling, the pathways were less congested.  The pace groups were smaller too. Some runners and bikers may have bailed out. Chicken! What’s a little rain.

As always, we started slow (14 minute pace), ahead of the pace group so as not to hold them off.  We talked about my upcoming biopsy procedure. I could not help think about it and it is always good for me to get this out of me. With her nursing background, it gives me confidence that she will be there to take good care of me, as always.  I can see possible surgery for me to remove the mass in my left breast, whether it is benign or not.  I told her that I know I have been lucky but somehow I get this feeling that based on probabilities, my luck will run out.

“On board, I’m the captain, so climb aboard, we’ll search for tomorrow on every shore, and I’ll try, oh Lord, I’ll try to carry on.”

Nonsense, she said.  She does not like me to talk this way.

Well, I suppose I could not help it.  I guess this feeling is normal too. It is a manifestation of my anxiety when I am unable to control events or at their mercy. The irony is I don’t think I was ever in control of my destiny anyway. We are just here for the ride, for me, it is a roller coaster ride. Did I ever tell you I don’t do roller coasters.  Scary stuff, ya kno’.  Similarly, I don’t like getting wet because it messes up my clothes, soaks up my socks, and does not justice to whatever hair I have left. Who want to appear like a wet sod.

“A gathering of angels appeared above my head, they sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said.”

Loosen up, Bo.  Forget about destiny or the biopsy.  Feel the rain against your face. See the droplets trickle down the visor of your running hat. Drench your soul to fill the void of your anxiety. Splash the puddles to refresh those tired feet.  Taste the essence of life.  Soak it all in!

Splash…splash…shuffle…shuffle…come sail away your troubles…come sail away with me.

Alas, I felt like a kid running in the rain through mile marker 9, then 10… It was pouring and I was wet all over. It literally brought back memories of my childhood when I was playing in the streets of Manila during a heavy downpour of the monsoon rains.  Not a care in the world,  just pure enjoyment.  I was happy and soaked, soaked to my socks.

Then an aha moment!  We have stopped appreciating the beauty of rain or life itself. They are not an inconvenience. It is a nourishing gift.  It nourishes plants, trees, all living things, and if we allow it: it can nourish our soul.  I get it.



P.S. Like before my treatments, I plan to run tomorrow before going to the hospital.  Bring it on, baby.


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