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Spring time: A Season of Renewal

April 8, 2013

YYesterday was the running of the 8K Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago, the largest 8K race with about 40,000 runners.  Philip Reid won it for the mens in 23:08 minutes, while Lisa Uhl took it for the female in 25:54 minutes

This race kicks off the running season here in Chicago.  Normally, I would have run it but these are not normal times for me.  In fact, I don’t I will be entering any races this year; much less any walks.  My ascites (build up of fluids in the peritoneal cavity or abdomen) is preventing me from  running or doing long walks.

Last April 1st, I had paracentesis procedure done to remove the fluids and they took out 2.3 liters.  So if you can imagine me carrying two 1.0 liter of Coke while running or walking, after a while it gets pretty heavy.  My exercise is limited to stationary biking at the gym and yoga.

So Spring is upon us.  Spring is also a season of renewal: new flowers blooming, the air is fresh, and you hear the birds chirping again in the morning.  However, each renewal is different from the previous one.  This time last year, my wife and I would have entered in races we would like to run in the coming months, including the finale of a Fall marathon.  This year no races, but I still want to make the most of what is given.  I cannot turn back time, I just have to move forward.

I busy myself with work and Ethan, my grandson.  He will be two-years old this April 25 and has grown big.  He is a bundle of joy with all his gibberish words he spits out which only makes sense to him.  He likes riding his bicycle trailer as he gets pulled along.  Go…go…go, he would shout from behind.  Oh, the simple joys of spring.  Make your renewal and start enjoying spring.  I can only hope that next year will be different for me, nonetheless, I am happy where I am.

Roger Ebert, Film Critic

He passed April 4 after a long battle with cancer.  Somehow I could relate to him and his journey because he refused to give up.  He writes a blog too and on bad days he writes about his struggles and the limitations brought about by cancer.  He is prolific writer while he battles cancer.  His thumbs-up or thumbs-down movie rating can have a significant impact in the box office.  He did not stop working until the very end.  God bless you, Roger.

He inspires me to move forward inspite of setbacks.  Speaking of which, I had an allergic reaction again from my last treatment (5th) March 28th.  More steroids save the day for me but it made me retain more water.  This week is suppose to be chemo week again but I asked my doctor if I can postpone it for next week.  My body needs time to recover and enjoy my time with E-boy.


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