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E’s World: It’s my birthday

April 24, 2013

Ethan with shadesIt’s my birthday tomorrow.  Woohoo.  I made it to two-years old with minor bruises.  It’s my birthday…it’s my birthday…it’s my birthday.  They are going to throw a party for me this weekend and I am all excited… because of the gifts.  Hehe.

It is all about the gifts, ya kno.  The party will be at Chuckee Cheese and you are all invited.  Just make sure you bring gift.  Ha!  My mom tells me I am growing fast.  I am not sure about that because she gets mad if I pee without telling her.  Freedom!

Ampa (my grandfather aka Bo) is doing fine and is getting strong.  I know, because he is able to keep up with me in my little trike.  He gets a kick out of it when I show him new tricks that I have learned; whether dancing to “Gangnam Style” or mimicking his action.  He is so easy to please.

Hey, have you notice the spread of baby ads in TV and the web.  There’s the Kia Space babies, eTrade babies, Pepsi Next babies, and lately Evian babies, which is the bomb.  Why can’t I get a gig like them, bro?  Maybe that’s why my party is going to be held at Chuckee Cheese!

Here is the latest viral video circulating.  Enjoy.


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