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I finished the Jerusalem Half.

March 13, 2015.

Ashort note since many wanted to know how I did.  It was painful, very hilly, memorable, and most exhilarating experience of my life.  My time was 3:16:45 and each moment was worth it.  I struggled especially on last three miles, which was mostly uphill, but I did it.  I am happy with the time and I thought it was good considering my condition, training, and terrain.

I had to abandon my run/walk strategy because it was not working.  Instead, I took what was given: run the downhill and flats, then walk the uphill climb.  Dig deep and enjoy the pain and suffering.  L’Chaim.

Tonight is Shabbat.  The markets are full and all the Jewish families prepare a special meal, then a day of rest.  It is a celebration of life by the food taken in order to nourish yourself.  I am fully nourished, rest is what I need.  I will write again.


3:16:45 finish

3:16:45 finish


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