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Gone fishing: I wish.

May 19, 2013

F ishing is one of those sports that lets you commune with nature.  I never got “hook” on it (get it, hook).  Probably because I would not know where to start e.g. lure, pole, fishing place, etc., but man has been fishing since the time of Christ.  The apostles were fishermen.

Recently, my former director, BobP, came for a visit on his way to Wisconsin for some serious fishing.  He and his friends have been going to Wisconsin for more than 20 years.  Bob says it is the spawning season of white bass so they catch a lot of them.  They rent a small cabin and a boat, then fish in the morning and afternoon.  Since he has been doing this for a while with his buddies he has lots of stories.  We laugh, caught up with other friends and colleagues, and bonded.  That is what’s all about.

Before he retired, I did not know he was an avid fisherman.  All I know is I dread being on conference calls with Bob because he asks intimidating questions, which brings out the best in me.  You got to be on top of your game with Bob because he expects no less.  I have to thank him for improving my writing too.  I have seen him red-line audit reports that would obliterate the weak of hearts.  He has a huge impact on me and I am still overwhelmed he took time to visit.  Now, he is making me think about learning to fish–perhaps with Ethan.  Yeah!

Bob and I

My mentor Bob and I

Where you are is where you want to be.

I did 4 miles of running yesterday.  It is not exactly marathon pace but it was my first time to hit the trails.  I just want to be out there.  It surreal to go through the motion of preparing for a run.  I had to dig out my GPS watch, compression socks, hat, and dry-fit tees, which hasn’t been touch since the Berlin marathon last year.

Oh how my legs complained from the effort but I did not stop.  I started slow until I got into a comfortable pace (14 minute-mile) and muscle memory took over.  Runners and bikers were passing me but I was in my own world; a place where I want to be.  That phrase stuck in my mind throughout my run: Where you are is where i you want to be.  Tracy (my yoga teacher) said that during class as she instructed the class to bend forward and touch our toes.  It was difficult since my body was stiff from all the inactivity and treatments I got.  It does not matter, she said, if you can’t touch your toes, where it stops is where you want to be.

I returned to the familiar trails of the lakefront because that is were I want to be.  In the same context, no matter how I hate it, this Tuesday I will have my chemo again.  I want to be there for many reasons.  It is not about the choice; it is about where I want to be, not where I have to be.  It is a place in your mind where you are at peace.  Find it and go because that is where you want to be.


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