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Sketches during sleepless nights
January 18, 2016

The new year greeted me with a four-day stay (January 7-10) at the hospital. I was having difficulty breathing and was coughing heavily. It was also the week that I started on my chemo pills again.

I think my body was just stressed out with all the pain meds I have been taking, then I added the chemo to bear. As with any unscheduled hospital visit, I went home with more meds to take like inhaler, antibiotics, and steroids. Thank you for all the prayers and support you gave.

Sleep is hard to come by late and I end up with so many thoughts streaming though.

Hospital food.
Have you ever wonder why nobody comes out with 5 star rating for hospital food? No cooking shows on how to prepare hospital food or judges “you’ve been Chopped”.

Hospital food is the right kind of food we all should eat, low salt, low fat, and nutritious. But nobody likes it. Our taste buds have been trained to good food laden with enhancers and treats but not good. Think about it.

Quality time.
There was a time when I plan for the next family vacation or races to run. This was meant to spend time with your love ones. We live in a busy world and it is not getting slower. We have apps to manage our time and family designed to provide quality time.

Lately my quality time is limited to spending meaningful time with my wife and family. Seriously, I need not travel the world to have my quality time. It was an indulgence when my wife gave me a bath or when Ethan fed me once. I marveled at the experience and was struck by the simplicity of the moment. I am honored by your presence as well.


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