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Round 13: Back to reality

Round 13: Back to reality
December 4, 2014
Circa: December 3, 2014, Wednesday.
I must be dreaming.  I hear the drip of the chemo pump as it infuse toxins in my body.  “Drip…drip…drip.” I am no longer in Manila.  I am back to reality having chemo at UofC hospital.  I just got back from Manila, where it is warm and the air is full of the festive season of Christmas.

The streets of Manila is also packed with cars, trucks, jeepneys, and people.  You cannot escape the traffic and congestion.  It is part of the normal life in the city.  Even local residents complaint about it.  So when my friends and family would take time to see me I really appreciate their gesture.  Time is often the most valuable gift to give or share.

Time also passes quickly.  I was just in Manila and now I am back having chemo.  My day started early in the hope it would end early too, but that was not to happen.  Earlier my blood test showed my phosphate level was low, not enough to get my infusion started.  They consulted my clinical trial doctors and decided to re-run the test again.  On the re-test, my phosphate level came back normal.  Why?  I don’t know, I was just glad it did.

Sometimes you just have to accept things as they are.  Once in a while I still get catch myself wishing I don’t have cancer.  In fact I like to believe what others people are saying when they see me.  “You don’t look like you have cancer!  You look good.”  I wish that was true.  The reality is I hear the drip of the chemo toxins, smell the sterility of the room, and see other cancer patients getting treatment.  That’s reality.

Another dose of reality: Linda, my clinical trial nurse, gave me my next chemo schedule up to end of January.  The way it goes I expect to be on this program all the way to Easter next year.  La…la…la.

La...la...la.  I hear nothing!

La…la…la. I hear nothing!


P.S.  While in Manila I got to spend time with a good friend and fellow cancer survivor, ChrisB, who is doing well.  Keep your spirits up!  I am cheering for you, mate.  More chemo this Wednesday.  Oh, well.

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