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PET scan results

April 30, 2013

The news of the result of my PET scan was quick.  Two hours after I have left the hospital, Dr. B called the house and left a message.  Dr. B is the head radiologist at the hospital, and he and I got to know each other well (see related post on August 22, 2012, “A different kind of relationship: the results“).

We don’t play golf or anything, but our bond was established by the news he gives me: whether good news or bad news, he personally calls me.  I called him back:

“Hi Dr. B.  It is Bo.”  After the pleasantries he gets to the point.  He had an optimistic tone in his voice and like many times before he choose his words carefully.

“The results showed stable or smaller multiple pulmonary (lungs) metastases with interval decrease (of tumors) in the previously borderline metabolic activity (when compared to previous scan).”

It means I made progress in stabilizing or shrinking the tumors in my lungs.  Thank you.  It also means, more work (chemo) ahead of me.  The scan also picked up my ascites but he ruled out carcinomatosis or peritoneal metastases, which gave me the poor prognosis last January.  Dr. B suggested for me to see a Hepatologist for the ascites: Great more doctors.

May 2, 2013

at my Oncologist office

“So what’s the plan, doc?” I asked anxiously.  My wife and I were to the discuss the results of my scan and my treatment plan.  However, in the back of my mind I know what he is going to say: more chemo.  There is really no choice with this disease.  I need chemo to keep me alive, like plants need water to survive.

He tells me that he plans to give me a break first before starting up.  That’s a relief but then I tell him of my June travel plans.  He then tells me that I should do two or three cycles of chemo before traveling and that we should start it soon.  Oh, well.  You got to put in the work first before you can enjoy, which is how my life works, and should work for us too.  Back to work for me.


P.S. I start chemo again on Tuesday, May 7.

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