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Where did time go?

July 26, 2012

am currently in the Manila, Philippines on holiday. It is to make good on a promise made to my mother to be at her 80th birthday (July 24). All my siblings were going to be there so I would not miss it.

I always look forward to seeing my mom because I know her time with the family is precious. I have learned my lessons too: to make time for what is important in life and that each day given to me is cherished. So we had a party for her, or rather, she threw a party for us—a Hawaiian luau party.

Five years ago, on her 75th birthday, we gave her a surprise party. Surprise! We were also complete back then, along with her friends and our extended families. However, it was more fun this year. Her guest came in their best Hawaiian clothes; there were leis, hats, Hawaiian dancing, and serenading. There was even ballroom dance instructors for her guest. That’s the way to throw a party party, mom!

Many came out inspite of the heavy rains. Some of them remembered me when I was still a child in their care or in my mischievous stage. It brought back good memories of my childhood.  Where did time go?

My nephew and niece dug up old and recent pictures of mom and the family, and created a slideshow of her 80-year journey. Set to beautiful music and heart-felt dedications, it showed the fullness of her life and surrounded by people who love her. Where did time go?

My mom willingly gave herself to others and they willingly loved her back. It was an envious moment. I saw how happy she was and that in itself was priceless. Her joy can also be seen from the people who attended. My mom made it possible for her friends to see each other. I was able to see my other cousins, aunts, and uncles. While it was the birthday of my mom, it was a reunion, fellowship, and thanksgiving as well.

I am grateful, blessed, and overwhelmed. The Hawaiian night was a tremendous success with plans underway for the next party …an Arabian night party. Can you picture seniors belly dancing? OMG.

Aloha! From Roberto, Renato, Rubi, and Raul


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It is my birthday tomorrow….(Round 4)

December 19, 2011

….and I am having chemo. What a crime!, as my friend and colleague Artie would fondly say. It is to describe a funny and ironic situation. My nurse told me “why don’t we move your treatment so you can celebrate your birthday.”  Nope…and miss out on the fun?

What difference does it make? It is the sh*t on a different day. Since being diagnosed with cancer, I sometimes jokingly tell my wife everyday is my birthday. Also, in the cancer world, my birthday should have been March 20, 2008 when I was first diagnosed with colon cancer; November 10, 2009 when it came back and affected my liver; July 29, 2011 again it came back affecting my lungs this time.  Take you pick.  So it does not matter.  Everyday is my birthday.

My plan is to push through with it tomorrow. In fact, I am going to start it by attending a spinning classes (aerobic exercise on stationary bike) 5:15 am at my health club. Afterwards, quick breakfast then go to my chemo treatment. That should keep me busy all the way to Christmas. I am sure the Grinch will be waiting for me in the hole but tough luck, Grinch, it will be just be temporary.

I have completely accepted my situation.  I will have good days and bad days.  On good days I will continue to run and on bad days I will hang in there for you.  Let’s get this party started.  I invited Justin and Usher to kick it off, Noreen.  Let’s dance.

Happy Birtday!


P.S. My thoughts and prayers to my cousin, Manuel, who started his chemo today for stage 4 esophageal cancer.

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