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Go D-Nation

April 19, 2011

MG. LOL. LOF. I was smiling all the way. What started out as a cold and drizzling day turned out to be one of my most memorable run. I am smiling as I write this post. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

Yeah, that’s right! Bib #1 and #2 came in overall at 1259 and 1260, respectively, while the winner is bib#3 came first and bib #4 came in second. How can a seeded bib number be beaten badly and only manage to beat two others who are senior citizens.

Chad (Ware)…tsk…tsk.  You put this “Kenyan” to shame.  Ha!  That is so funny!

My wife and I came in last in our age group too…haha!

This is all because of Noreen and Novacare.  I was invited as the starter runner and guest speaker for their annual Lakefront 10 miler and I felt honored. The last time I ran Lakefront 10 was April 2009 and came in at 1:47:48 (see my post April 26 ‘The results are in…‘).  I was on remission then.

Last year, 2010, I got invited to be their started runner but my liver surgery got in the way.  So when Noreen asked me again this year, there was no way I was going to miss it even if it was my chemo week.

My wife kept on asking if I was going to run the whole 10 miles in my condition.  I think she was more scared of the 10 miles but she saw my DetermiNation to finish.

It turned out to be one of my most memorable and fulfilling day.  What got me was I made so many people happy along the way.  When they saw my seeded bib #1 bringing up the rear they would do a double-take.


What the..?

Go #1 go!

That is so cool #1. Oh, there’s #2 also.


Go D-Nation you are #1.”

Those are just some of the cheers my wife and I would receive as we bring up the rear. Then, my wife would just reply to them.

“We got lost!” How funny.

As the pack of runners were returning from the turnaround point, we meet them on the shared pathway. They see #1 and #2 waddling behind with my ear-to-ear smile.

“I am watching you and will be coming up behind you soon!” For a moment, they would break a smile from their strained faces. I love it.

When finally we reach the turnaround point, there were no more runners it was the water station volunteers and medical aids who were cheering us on.  American Cancer Society volunteers were manning one of the aid station so cheered us big time.

Our friend Elizabeth ran with us from the start and kept us company. Taking pictures of us and posting it in Facebook as she was running (that is just so wrong).  She and my wife were so animated in their conversations that they forget about me at times. One time I stopped for my energy gel and water, and they just kept on chatting and running.  They forgot about me.

But it was during those moments that I became Bo the Kenyan running the Boston. I chased down my two ‘pacers’ who were running a punishing pace of 13:30 minute a mile for the last 3 miles.  Yeah, baby. Bring it on.  Oh, I feel the pain now.  My heartbeat rate was up but got to kick those chemo toxins out my system.

Do you think my pacers are feeling the pain?

You betcha! Their animated talking and chatting had slowed down a bit but their laughter was still there. What’s up with that? I think they are playing mind games with me.

But I am BIB #1.  D-Nation! I am running full-throttle at break neck speed.  Woohoo.  Everyday is a good.  During my training runs, I have not gone beyond 5 miles but today this 10 miler is mine!

Elite runners #1 and #2


PS:  I am going to frame my Bib #1.  Also, a great female marathoner champion passed today of cancer, Grete Waitz.  She is the true #1.

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