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E’s World: Hello…Santa!

December 25, 2013

Santa's Helper

Red is my new favorite color.  The big guy (Santa) wears it, and he seems to be all over the place; in the mall, in stores, in parades, and even races.  He has been so busy, but he managed to pass by the house last night.

I love this guy.  He gave me and my family many gifts.  I got clothes, snow boots, a toy truck (which I love), a tablet, and some more clothes.  I outgrow them fast.

I am beginning to understand the importance of Christmas: Me!  It is all about me…me…and me.  Also, I am beginning to learn the power of tantrum too.  I cry and they give; especially with my Grama (that’s my great-grandmother).  My Grama is such a push over.  When mom is at work, Grama is my babysitter.  She would chase me around when it is time for lunch, then she give up.  But then again, I get hungry.

Mom tells me if I behave I can be Santa’s helper next year.  That would be the coolest job; one for me, one for you…one for me, one for you.  That’s why I love Christmas, too bad it only happens once a year.

My family had a busy year and they are thankful that they got through it.  Next year I will be ready.  It is really about being ready if you think about it; ready for the next day or the opportunity to give back.  The spirit of giving.  However, I am still young, unemployed, and still in diapers, so you better be ready to give …to me!  I love it.

Jingle bells…jingle bells…jingle all the way.

Santa Race


Oh…I got behave tomorrow.  My Ampa is having chemo tomorrow.

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Santa is coming …soon.
December 20, 2013

Icould not believe the year is almost over.  Our Christmas tree is up and the gifts under the tree are growing.  My grandson, Ethan, still has no notion of what Christmas brings, Santa, or Christmas wishes.

Ah…wishes.  I have a few of those.  I am sure you have your own list too, but have you been naughty or nice?  I look forward to Christmas because it is one of these events that bring my family together in the spirit of renewal.  Thanksgiving was about the blessings, while Easter might be about rebirth or renewal as well, Christmas brings a different feeling.

Love.  Sharing.  Giving.  These are what Christmas evokes for me.  I have received many things, more than you can think of, especially this year.  The year started with a bad prognosis and I had to claw back every second of my life.  You were there to help me by giving time to visit, prayers to comfort, and food to nourish.  You gave and I responded.  That’s the reason why I have often said all of you have become part of me.

I wish I can give more, more of myself, more of my time, etc., as a way to express my gratitude.  Since there is a only one of me to give there are limits; instead, I try to live a righteous life and be an example to my family and friends.  However, I still have many faults I have to iron out.

So for this Christmas, my wish is to be given more chances to correct myself so I can be around to give more.

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone.


P.S.  As a cancer update, Dr. G of MD Anderson called last week to give me news on the option for surgery.  He said their surgeons are not recommending surgery to remove the lesions in my lungs.  They are many and if done, I will not be able to run or do marathons.  I also started chemotherapy again to keep my cancer in control while I look for other options.

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