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Mowing the lawn.

September 17, 2010

I apologize for this delayed posting.  The verdict: the mass in my left breast was not malignant and did not warrant a biopsy. Whew! Another bullet dodged.

Let me repeat the good news, the test result was negative for malignant tumor. Woohoo!

The doctor said I should continue to be observant for any change in my body.  Cancer has me very aware of any subtle changes.  I observe any discoloration in my nails, pattern changes in my stool movement, any abnormal lumps, and pain in my abdomen.  They always remind you that early detection is key to fighting cancer.  Now, I know how to do breast self-examination.

It is like mowing the lawn.” Nurse Michelle explains.

She was tasked with educating me on how to do a breast self-examination.  This is embarrassing for me.  I feel like being let in on a dirty secret.

Use the flat pads of your three middle finger, in a bowing position, as you move up and down your chest. Like mowing the lawn.” She demonstrates the action for me.

“Now you do it.”

Breast exam

Oh..oh.  But I don’t do lawns, it is taken cared of by the condo association. I comply nonetheless. Using three levels of pressure (light, medium, and deep) I make small circles in a small area then move to the next area going up and down, up and down. So this is how women do it. This cancer has taken me to place I never thought I would experience. Okay, ladies, we have something in common now. I know how to do breast exams. Hehe…

My wife met me at the hospital’s waiting area and was very happy about the results of my exams. Thank you, Lord.  We survive another challenge.


P.S. What’s next? The last long run before tapering off, a 20 miler, this Sunday, September 19.  Then, my monthly chemo maintenance before the race.  What a life.

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