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Taking things for granted.

April 23, 2015


YYesterday, I started the cycle 2 of my treatment.  You might say I started the second set of the same immune-therapy treatment I started March 30.  So far I am doing good other than the mild facial rashes that looks like acne.  It is not too pronounced because I have been taking antibiotics to control it but it is there alright.

With this regiment I am unable to run but I am able to go to yoga and do a few exercise.  I tire easily and have been coughing.  I miss running.  It helps me find peace and it gives me a sense of normalcy.  When I run, especially on a beautiful day, I hear my rhythmic breathing, I feel the crisp air and the warm sun against my skin,  and I start to perspire.  Lately, I have been sluggish and unable to run, which makes me bitter at times.  That’s when I really have to dig deep to put things in perspective.  I may not be able to run but I am still here.  Life is such a tease.

Last Monday, April 20, was the 119th running of Boston.  Lelisa Desisa from Ethiopia won the race in 2:09:17.  He was also the winner in 2013 during the bombing.  I watched it online and tracked a friend (TimU) who finished to qualify again for next year.  What an achievement.  Boston is always a dream for me because of the challenge.  Unlike other marathons, you need to pass a qualifying time based on your age to enter, and that’s the challenge.  I am too slow for this race but there are other races to join.

The trick is to make the most of the opportunity.  I need to tattoo this in my forehead.  I need to hear this when I don’t feel like getting out of bed after a miserable night from chemo rebound.  Also, I need to take things in perspective.  I am still here.


P.S.  Former Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal George, passed last Friday from cancer.  My wife and I tried to go to the viewing but missed the time slot.  I mourn his passing.  He was also treated at University of Chicago, where I am being treated.  He paid it forward for me.

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Boston Marathon: Unity Shattered

April 16, 2013


he editorial of the New York Times wrote “a marathon is the most unifying of sporting event.”  Yesterday, it was shattered by an explosive that took away the life of three people and maimed several others.  Such a despicable act.

I had dreams of running Boston.  It is the marathon of marathons that every serious runner dream about  Because of my medical condition, I have accepted the fact I will not be running Boston but have considered going there to watch the event.  Boston is one of the five major marathon that my wife and I was trying to complete.  We did Chicago and Berlin, have guaranteed entries to NYC for 2014, then there’s Boston and London.  It will have to wait.

We had friends reaching out to say they were glad we were not at Boston, since we are avid runners.  I too am glad I was not there but sad such a tragic event would change how future marathons are held.  I mourn for the casualties of yesterdays event and shattered unity that brings a city, runners, and family together.

From here on the unifying spirit of marathons would be referred to pre-Boston, much like the birth of a new word called pre-911.  Why?


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