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Round 7: A Guinea Pig Called Speedy
October 2, 2014

YYesterday I had chemo after a one week break.  Today I am sluggish, recovering, but still standing.  I thought I pass posting something this week but couldn’t.  Somebody came through for me.

Arriving from the hospital yesterday tired, I was welcomed by a “care package” sent by MaryAnnG, a work colleague of mine.  I just had to smile.  Inside was a Beanie Ballz guinea pig with an inscription of number 5 at the front, like a bib number, and a card.  I have known Mary Ann for several years now and she is the only who can throw an inside joke on me like this on me.  It made me forget the days event at the hospital.

Wait there’s more.  She mentions in the card to read the tag inscription hanging on the guinea pig appropriately named Speedy, it reads:

Speedy:  You’ll only see a blur as I race on by.  No one can catch me, so don’t even try!

The silent metaphor blew me and today I am still smiling.  Thanks, Mary Ann.

Hi, my name is Speedy.  I am a guinea pig and a runner.

Hi, my name is Speedy. I am a guinea pig and a runner.


P.S.  Yesterday, I joke my clinical trial doctor when he check to see me; I said I think I need an Ebola test since I went to Dallas, TX (Note: First US case of Ebola was identified in Dallas over the weekend).  He saw my fit condition and said no with a smile.

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