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Anniversaries (eat), pray, and love.

August 19, 2010

ast Saturday, August 14, was my anniversary. Eleven years of blissful marriage. I was told that the anniversary gift, traditional and modern, for the eleventh year is steel. Hmm… This is complicated. I must admit I am a romantic but totally dumb at buying gifts to my wife. I think it is a phobia that my gifts are not good enough.

Instead, how about a 15 mile run at the lakefront? What better way than sharing the Chicago lakefront, watching the sunrise with your love one, drenched in sweat, and in pain. Three and half hours of quality time. Well, that is what happened. We take this time to talk or laugh, like building miles in a relationship.

Yup, it is all about building on something that is already there, but sometimes you run into a rut.  Your running is not working or you are not getting enjoyment from your relationship.  Perhaps, it is time for viagra or cialis…hehe. I have learned that it is not enough that you are running “for” something; to lose weight, get rip abs, for the kids, or for cancer. It like having sex just to get pregnant. Do it enough time and it will work (sometimes), then what?  The point is, it is about enjoying what you like and appreciating what you have.  In my case, I like to be with my wife and run because of the feeling of freedom it gives me. I have said it before, it makes me feel alive.  Alive in the company of those I love.

I pray, not as often compared to my mom, to give thanks for all my blessings. I prayed while I was running that day. I would look at my wife beside me;

You ok, babes? Happy anniversary.” Bam! I scored a three-point, touch down.

My wife never cease to surprise me. She just completed her goal for running her first half-marathon, now she is running with me as if she is going to run the October marathon. She is putting in the miles just to be with me. She works nights and gets clobbered with lots of patients (gun shot wounds, cardiac patients, you name it) at the ER, she builds her miles during the week, then do long runs with me. She tells me she is doing it for me.

Kapow! I am knocked out.

What can I say…except I love her. It is all about L-O-V-E.


P.S. 51 days to go to marathon day and 7 days to my first chemo maintenance session.  This weekend is 16 miles.

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