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Rome:  The Eternal City

March 20, 2015


TThis is my first time to Rome but not to Italy.  They call it the Eternal City because there is so much history behind it.  It was the center of the western civilization and at its peak the Roman empire conquered most of Europe.  At that time, it is either you are a Roman or a Greek or a barbarian.

The rise and fall of the Roman empire is well documented and this city has all the evidence of its glory and scars of its past as well.  I came to Rome to continue my spiritual journey and I was not disappointed.  Upon arriving, our hotel managed to get us tickets to the Papal Audience ahead of time.  So I was very excited.

The Papal Audience.

Every Wednesday is the Papal Audience held at St. Peter’s Square.  The morning we attended there were several thousands of people gathered at the square.  The mood was festive.  There were country flags, welcome banners, kids on tour, and many pilgrims.  Before the Pope arrive, they announced all the groups present or were represented in the audience.  There were schools and religious groups from all over the world, and each time when their name was called they cheered.  We sat among high schoolers from Toronto, Canada led by their teacher.

At the appointed time the Pope came out riding in his Pope-mobile.  The crowd surged and stood on their chairs to get a glimpse of him.  I was among them.  Then, I saw him and felt a surge of excitement.  Wow.  I felt like a teenager seeing my idol and I was on the verge of tears.  I could not believe I am in the presence of the Pope.  Everybody was reaching out to him.  He would stop and his security would bring babies or kids to be blessed or kissed.  His path was lined with kids and adults on wheelchairs, all seeking for blessing.

(Note:  I took this video of the Pope giving his blessings.  I was close.)

I am among those seeking his blessings.  I asked for guidance and strength to face all my challenges.  Seeing him gave me comfort.  It was an unbelievable experience.  I was mesmerized in his presence.  He message was about the importance of family.  At the end, he led the prayer for the Our Father (Pater Noster) prayer in Latin.

Rome is full of Christian monuments and statues.  They all reflect tributes of greatness or adoration to God.  There are churches, castles, and symbols that some how relate to a higher being one way or another.  They show the dedication of man to his God.  The statues of saints and angels provide a way to relate our true feelings and confess our inner doubts.  Being among these beautiful masterpieces has given me a way to reflect and appreciate all the blessings I have.  It can be overwhelming.




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My guardian angels

My guardian angels

January 10, 2010

My first chemo infusion is on Tuesday, January 12, or at least that is the intention.  Since recovering from chemoembolization, I have trying to gain strength and eat.  My friend ChrisL from Michigan City, IN sent me a ‘care package’ of high-protein drinks called Myoplex from EAS with 42g of protein.  It is Ensure on steroids!  So I have been drinking after going to the gym, thanks, Chris.

I also have to say thanks to Michael a.k.a MTS of Sunderland, UK for the beautiful calendar showing the beautiful sights of north east England.  Amazing.  (NOTE: Picture below is one of the images in the calendar) Been to UK before but never been to the north east.  I am always amazed at the generosity of people and it overwhelms me.

Sometimes it is not gifts received that overwhelm me but simple kindness and attention given by other people.  You know who you are and I am thankful as well.  I tell this to my wife and she says I have many guardian angels who care for me.  It helps knowing that you are out there.  Today, I felt tired.  I have been having difficulty sleeping due to stomach pains from gas and heartburn or maybe something else.  It is not good when you have issues like this and you are about to start chemo.

So I called my nurse Edith on a Sunday and she said she will put me in to see my oncologist, Dr. M tomorrow.  She suggested to take some antacid for the night.  I hate been sick.  I think of the six-months chemo session ahead of me and it scares me.  I know I have done it before but this is not exactly running a marathon.  The discomfort or pain is different and real.  The side-effects are what weakens the body and spirit.   There is no personal record to beat this time, you just want to finish in one piece.  I want to get it done and have a sense of normalcy, like others.  I want to be healthy again.

With your help I will get there, one mile marker at a time or one chemo cycle at a time.  I owe it all to my guardian angels.


Angel of the North - Tyne and Wear, England

Angel of the North - Tyne and Wear, England

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