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Round 6 and the 20-miler

September 20, 2014

A“A goal is just an awesome way to force growth on yourself.” –Deana Kastor

She is an Olympic bronze medalist (Athens 2004), a 2:19:36 marathoner, and the only American woman to break 2:20.  I paused when I read that quote from her in an article in the October issue of Runner’s World magazine.  She had put it succinctly what my running (and sacrifice) is all about: Growth.

For the past couple of weeks I have logged lots and lots of miles, and being a slow runner that means lots of time to think, contemplate, and breath.   If my Fitbit is correct, that means a weekly average of more than 100,000 steps, 52+ miles run/walk, and almost 20,000 calories burned.  However, what it does not tell you are the other activities I do or my almost daily 5:00 am start at the gym to cross-train, yoga, and stretch.

What gives?

That’s the point.  Why bother.  I know I will not win Chicago or NYC marathons or could even qualify for Boston.  I am a slow runner, who goes weekly to chemo treatment as a past time, a vegetarian by choice, husband, father, grandfather, and breadwinner.  And yet I push myself to get up early morning to hit the gym.

Well, I have grown just like what Deena said.  My training and change of lifestyle forced me to grow.  In return I like myself more.  I am able to fully appreciate life by earning it one mile at a time.  I don’t miss steak or pork or the late morning rise because I am able to see things differently.  Other people have notice the changed too.  It is all good.

Round 6 and the 20-miler

Last Wednesday, September 17, was my sixth round of treatment and tomorrow, Sunday, is our 20 mile run.  I have never done this before–short chemo recovery and 20 miles/32K–so we will see if I will still be standing up.  It is a prelude to the Chicago marathon in three weeks: October 12.  I feel good, anxious, and looking forward to it.  I try not to think of the distance because it can get to you.  All I know is I will be at the start and how I finish is the fun of it.  See you at the finish line.


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The 20 miler

September 17, 2011

omorrow, we are running 20 miles.  It is organized by my running club, CARA, and is complete with hydration station, bibs, timers, pacers, and beer at the end.  It is suppose to simulate the real marathon.  Joining me will be my wife, and our good friend Elizabeth, which will be her first with CARA.  I am sure it will be fun…and painful.

It is really crazy when you think about it. Why ask for pain when you can just coast through life the easy way. Why do it?

It is about discovering yourself. To find out if you can do it or for the challenge. It does not matter if you are running a 5K, 10-miler, or a marathon. It is all in the mind. You can do it if you set your mind to it. That’s the fun of it.

My journey of discovery has given me a different perspective of life. I am at the precipice of life staring down at cancer willing it to die and leave me in peace. Each time I set out to run or race, I imagine a dance ritual I do with my cancer.  A test to see who gives up first.  Sounds deadly, huh?  At the same time, I discover the limits of pain to remind me the beauty of life.

I should be sleeping already but like a kid I am excited. It will be a long day and it is just a prelude to the big dance on October 9. Music, maestro….


P.S. I am looking forward to see good friends at the finish line like Jaimie and Noreen of Novacare.

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