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The bald truth

The bald truth

November 19, 2012

have never shaved my head in my life, much less contemplated on it. Well, I did it over the weekend. Hello, Michael Jordan, Yul Brynner, Samuel L. Jackson, and now me.

My hair lost has gotten so bad that I shed more than my beagle Maggie, so I took it off. Besides, there was no hiding the balding spots. It is not a big deal, like you said, it will grow back again unlike others that I know…parum pum. Ha! This cancer is taking me places I have never been. I try not to dwell on it too much; otherwise, we will have a full blown pity party. No…no, we don’t want that.

I do have a question to my fellow baldies: How do you maintain a healthy shine? I look at my head it looks dry and feels dry, not red-carpet ready. Don’t tell me to change change shampoo and conditioner, bad joke. Anyway, for the most part I wear a beanie or a cap at home just for comfort. And when I go out in the cold I wear thicker hat to protect my bald head.

Lost of hair (alopecia) was not one of the identified side-effect of Zaltrap, but it does not matter. I have taken on all sorts of challenges in getting rid of my cancer and this is just a minor thing.  Beside there is no vanity loss if you are in the league as MJ, Yul, or Sam.

Let me tell you about my wife. She is insisting on shaving her hair too for me. (Chorus: Awwww……).  This is huge. I know about ladies and their hair.  You don’t mess with them. There is a billion dollar industry out there on products and services just to maintain ladies hair. My heart tugged when she said this. As a prelude she cut her hair so short while waiting for her turban to arrive. I love her….and that’s the bald truth!

Baldy Bo and Irish


P.S. It is Thanksgiving week in North America.  My favorite day when I am surrounded by my family and we give thanks to all our blessing.  I have many things to be grateful for, as I have said before, but on Thanksgiving day itself I picture all of you giving thanks to all your blessings as well.  Don’t lose that feeling.

P.S to P.S. Tomorrow, I start my third chemo treatment with Zaltrap with FOLFIRI which will last just before Thanksgiving dinner. It would still be a good day.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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The streets of Chicago

The streets of Chicago

November 11, 2012

The last entry log in my Garmin GPS running watch was dated September 30: the Berlin marathon. It has been more than 30-days that I have used my GPS for a run, and today I ventured out for the first time.

I have been exercising to keep fit, attending spinning classes and yoga, but I have not run outside, except today. With beautiful mild temperature, some sun, and the trails covered with autumn leaves, I just could not pass up the opportunity. The plan was a short run just shake off some chemo toxins. As I started off, I could not believe the heaviness in my legs as I try to sustain a manageable pace.

Hmmmm….? Are these the same legs who covered 26.2 miles in the streets of Berlin? The goal was three miles at an easy pace but I was dragging and puffing. I think of all the training I have put in during the summer and now it is gone; sucked up by chemo, diarrhea, and vomits. I use to be able to manage keeping up decent mileage and at the same time have treatments in between, but now it is gone. What else will this disease take away from me?

I have completed two rounds of Zaltrap. My hair started falling off again, so I cut it short for people to get use to seeing it short. It did not hide some of the bald spots that developed. Whatever. Diarrhea is more intense too. My wife received a couple of diet suggestions for me to try, thanks everybody. My blood platelets are below normal, it means I am prone to bleeding, but my white blood cells are holding up (indicative of how well my body can resist germs and sickness).

I should not complaint or even think about what has been taken away from me. I am here among friends and family and that is all that matters.


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