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Miles and miles … and more miles.

May 20, 2012

y wife and I did 15 miles today. It was a hot day so I was spent after our run. I don’t do well in hot weather; anything above 80F. Energy is spent cooling the body instead of running.

But we did finish no matter how painful. The trick is just to get it in. That’s 15 miles in the bank rather than nothing. Our friend, Elizabeth, joined use for the first 4 miles and had to bale out for work.

Long runs are hardwork. It is a test of perseverance and patience. I sometimes wonder myself how I manage to get through these runs and challenges. I approach each long run and marathon with respect. You need to be humble when you step on that starting line or at the start of a training run; otherwise, it can be unforgiving. It will force you to give up and tell you in your face; you are unworthy. It will make you eat your pride and confidence.

Show your respect by persevering and it will be good to you. Nurture your body.  I believe respect can be translate to your way of life, your work, relationships, and many others. Once you do this, you will be rewarded and our my case today, 15 miles of injury-free run. Thank you.

Tomorrow, I have ultra-sound of the abdomen. My stomach has been bothering me early in the week and had consulted my doctor. She said to have the procedure done. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 22, my last chemo treatment and then a two month break. Thank you.


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