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Getting back to blogging…and running

March 29, 2011

t must be Tuesday. I normally post something on Tuesday.  It has been a while, so I am easing myself back slowly like my running.  It does not mean I have forgotten my blog.  I get reminders from friends and family.  Let the rest of you, I get busy with life and succumb to making excuses about priorities.  I am back again.

Many things have happened. Let see:

  • I am still religiously doing my monthly chemo maintenance. Lately, I have been obsessed with my carcinoembronic antigen (CEA) count or tumor count from my monthly blood test. It is on the decline. Woohoo! The threshold is 2.5. For January it was 1.9, February was 1.7, and March was 1.3. I got to keep this steady.
  • My wife and I went on vacation back to Manila. It was our winter break since this winter has been brutal. We visited my mom and family, and did some running too to keep the pounds off. By the way, on the way back from Manila we transited through Tokyo-Narita and it was the weekend (March 13) right after the earthquake on March 11. We were glad to be able to pass-through without an incident. Whew!
  • On the running-front, my wife and I have the following races lined up for 2011
    • April 10. 8K Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle – confirmed
    • April 16. Novacare Lakefront 10 miler – confirmed
    • May 18. Soldier Field 10 miler – confirmed
    • June 19. 5K Rock n Roll run – confirmed
    • August 14. Rock n Roll Half-marathon – confirmed
    • October 9. Chicago marathon – confirmed

Looking at the schedule, I think that is a lot of running with rigorous training in between.  Of course, my monthly chemo maintenance does not stop amid all this running and training.  This year I feel my body takes longer to recover and my knees are starting to complain each time I build my miles.  I can’t stop or my cancer will catch me.

Also, I am committed to raise money for American Cancer Society again and I will keep on doing this as long as I can.  I owe it to those who are no longer with us, like my friend Debbie.


P.S.  Happy birthday to my brothers, Rene (March 30) and Raul (March 29).

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