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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s

February 14, 2011

checked if I created a posting last year for Valentine’s Day. The only entry I found was this: ‘I am almost out of the hole again‘ dated February 15, 2010. Ironically, I find myself on the eve of ‘entering’ the hole again. Tomorrow is my monthly chemo maintenance treatment.  I don’t let it get to me anymore. It is part of me or until my doctor and I decide to stop my maintenance.

There are competing feelings on this: My mom prays that it stops while my wife hesitates because she is afraid of my cancer coming back for the third time. Both have good intentions and both I dearly love. This Valentine’s I feel their love intensely and it helps me to continue on. I know my cancer is just lurking and hiding, waiting to let my guard down. Where are you?

So I called up my oncologist’s office to find out my CEA (carcinoembronic antigen) level or tumor count from my last blood test, January 25.  (NOTE: They look at CEA as an indicator of cancer activity)

Its 1.90” Brenda said.

Thanks. Can you fax me a copy?” I replied.

Whew. That’s a relief. The threshold is 2.5, so I am within the limits. I have been wondering about my CEA level for sometime now. The news gives me temporary relief. Temporary because trending is more important. I know how this works because of my experience when it came back the second time in 2009.  It took less than a year.  It needs to stabilized until August on my one-year anniversary.

Tomorrow I will find out when I have another blood test before my chemo. Do I feel lucky?

Yes…at least tonight. It’s Valentine’s Day, right? Honey, I am home! 😮

Happy Valentine’s everybody.


PS: I have been running not consistently and only have 12 miles to show for the week.  This week is practically shot out since it is chemo week.

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