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My Christmas Holiday

December 27, 2010

“ow come you have not been updating your blog?” My younger brother, Rene, just reminded me when I called him to wish him and his family Merry Christmas.

“I know.  I have been too busy.”  I replied.

Deep inside me it was a lame excuse.  Let’s see; there is work, being lead on a big office project, the holidays, etc. I did not even include the running which I also have neglected.  I have put aside writing thinking I could always come back to it when I wanted to. I was lulled into thinking it is easy to get back to my blog knowing it will always be there.  There is also the intoxicating taste of ‘normal life’ that you forget your priorities.

Now one the eve of my monthly chemo maintenance, I am reminded again of why I am here.  I am here for those who are still suffering due to cancer and for those who were taken from us.

The holidays are a special day for most of us.  It is made special by the presence of those dear to us.  We have traditions e.g. midnight masses, gift giving, reunions, family dinners, etc., that reinforces our relationships which makes this season more meaningful.  It is those meaningful experience that makes it all worthwhile and forever remembered.

I celebrated my Christmas with the same traditions passed on by my family.  I received my own share of gifts from the family too.  Let’s see; there was a slipper, timer, shoes, and the traditional sweater one gets every year.  Oh well.

I need to tell my family, no more sweaters.

On the running front, I started running again yesterday.  I came across this marathon training program that emphasizes more on speedwork, intervals, and lessers miles.  I am going to try that for next year.  I notice my body needs more time to heal so this ‘less is more’ running program might workout better for me.  For next year, my wife and I are planning a spring marathon (Illinois), a summer half-marathon (Rock n Roll), and of course, we will do the fall Chicago marathon for American Cancer Society.  I also entered the lottery for the NYC marathon in November.  Let’s see if I get lucky.

I also need to blog more regularly.  I need to tell you about the journey of my friend, DebbieD, who is currently fighting liver cancer, and the inspiring tri-athlete, KristinM.

It is good to be writing again.  I am still here, we (my fellow cancer patients and survivor) are still here.


PS:  Let see what the Grinch brought me for Christmas (see my previous blog on the Grinch, ‘Twas the night before Christmas‘ – December 24, 2009)

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